Position Overview
As HAP continues to grow, more fundraising dollars will be needed to reach our goals. The grant writer will prepare proposals, grant applications, and supporting documentation by researching, identifying, developing, and responding to grant opportunities in order to procure funds for operating expenses and specific projects/campaigns.

Duties and Responsibilities
● Regularly check-in with leadership and volunteers of HAP to discover specific projects
that are in need of grant funding.
● Review new granting opportunities on an ongoing basis. This includes subscribing to
email lists to receive updates on Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and conducting
research to self-identify opportunities.
● Collaborating with HAP volunteers to collect information needed for grant applications.
● Completing grant applications in full and submitting applications before application
● Keep track of grant applications that have been approved or denied and update HAP
leadership team as needed.
● Submitting reporting requirements to granting organization in a timely manner. This may
again involve collaborating with other HAP volunteers to have proper knowledge of
updates on a project the grant may have been awarded for.
● Conduct ongoing communication with granting organizations as needed.
● Respond to HAP leadership emails and calls within 48 hours
● Be prepared and on-time for meetings and events
● Share and support HAP’s mission and core values; adhere to HAP’s policies
● Other duties as needed

Training Requirements
Training on HAP’s values, policies and core values, including orientation on campaign missions and status.

Skills and Qualifications
● Previous grant writing experience is strongly desired but not required.
● Strong writing skills required.
● Ability to communicate in a professional manner with both HAP members and
representatives from outside granting organizations.
● Basic computer literacy
● Ability to meet deadlines
● Excellent organization skills
● Self-motivated
● Ability to present yourself in a friendly, professional, and non-partisan manner
● Ability to work independently, follow instructions, and meet deadlines
● Working knowledge of Google Drive, Trello and Dropbox, or a willingness to learn

Time Commitment Required

Approximately 2-3 hours per week.

● Work can be conducted remotely from home.
● Meetings with HAP leadership will be in person at a mutually convenient location or
virtual via Zoom conference.
● Attendance at HAP general meetings (Humane Animal Rescue at 6926 Hamilton Ave,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15208) is highly encouraged.

Benefits to the Volunteer
● Know that you are making a difference in reducing the suffering of animals
● Be a valued HAP team member
● Build your volunteer resume and develop writing and research skills

What Volunteers Can Expect From HAP
• Support of HAP leadership and members
• Respect and appreciation for your contribution and input

About Humane Action Pittsburgh

Humane Action Pittsburgh is a group of nonpartisan citizens dedicated to advancing animal protection through education and action.

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