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JaneUnChained.com is a digital news network for animal rights, climate change reversal, human health and the vegan/cruelty-free lifestyle. It was founded in 2015 by Jane Velez-Mitchell, a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning TV journalist. Normally, JaneUnChained News Network’s 70+ volunteer citizen journalists stream LIVE on the JaneUnChained Facebook page from VegFests, restaurants, conferences, protests, vigils and marches, bringing crucial stories to millions. In response to the pandemic, JaneUnChained has launched a dozen new digital shows where anchors focus on different aspects of veganism, animal rights, climate change and health. JaneUnChained has produced an award-winning documentary, Countdown to Year Zero, which can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video. JaneUnChained also produces a multi-episode vegan cooking show. New Day New Chef also streams on Amazon Prime Video and public television stations. JaneUnChained has also partnered with ArtistWaveSoftware and Eastwind Enterprises, Inc. to promote plantbasedneighbor.com, an APP that allows vegans to connect with other vegans in their neighborhood.

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