We have 20 years experience working with the UK organic food industry and wholesalers. Jumpin’ Juice Ltd has been running since 2003.

I started as a professional chef then moved into the organic juice and smoothie industry. We are collaborating with existing large UK organic wholesalers to offer organic plant based gluten free vegan meals kits. We have full operational organic fresh produce and warehousing and distribution and market entry infrastructure available and in place.

We are looking for 1 person to help us manage the project from London location. They will work with me (Ivor) to further planning for launch.

The job role will include menu planning and dried ingredient purchasing. (All fresh organic purchasing & availability and storage is already in place.) Also each meal kit needs a “How to make” video & in box menu cards…so some skills in graphics or video making is useful not essential.

I am looking for someone who is passionate about vegan cooking and has some skills in the kitchen…and can see the importance of  serving meal kits that are organic and gluten free and of course vegan…but the rest of the requirements is relaxed ..as we can help and support and train in the other areas such as the admin and video making and purchasing.

The KEY requirement is the focus and excitement and simplicity of this long term project. Once we go live this should / will go on & on. For this key role there will be a wage and % of profits.

Initially  YOU will need only work part time up until we get a start/launch date agreed and then will become full time. Will suit any gender and any age. I believe in keeping project simple and scalable and most important…having fun on the journey !!

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