Hello, we are Ann-Katrin and Thomas, the founders of the lifestyle brand KATE & TOM (https://www.kateandtomcuisine.com/en/) – an inspiring and innovative brand with a specialisation in plant-based cuisine and well-being. With KATE & TOM we follow a clear aim: We want to reconnect people with nature and themselves and make plant-based cuisine to an experience.

At KATE & TOM we want to have a positive impact for nature, community and Hospitality. To reach this goal we are always looking for motivated and passionate team members with personality and high sense for responsibility, who are open for new things, have a huge willingness to learn and are looking for challenges.

Currently we are looking for team members for our first Hospitality concept KATE & TOM’S DELI VIENNA – an innovative, plant-based restaurant with a seasonal changing menu, lived culinary arts and Hospitality as well as a farm-to-table-approach.

If you are interested in working with KATE & TOM then get to know us better, have a look at our open positions (with all legal requirements) at https://www.kateandtomcuisine.com/en/jobs_en and send us your application with CV, an authentic photo and your meaningful motivational letter to: careers@kateandtomcuisine.com

We are looking forward to get to know you and would be happy to reach as many people as possible with KATE & TOM – so please feel free to share this post with like-minded people.

We want to thank you for your help in advance and would be really happy to meet some of you – as guest or team member – in KATE & TOM’S DELI VIENNA and/or at Facebook (@kateandtomcuisine), Instagram (@kateandtomcuisine) or Twitter (@kateandtom_) soon again.

Ann-Katrin Möstl and Thomas Wandl

Shape the future. Be part of KATE & TOM.

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About KATE & TOM

KATE & TOM is a lifestyle-brand focused on well-being and plant-based cuisine. With KATE & TOM we want to create innovative and high-quality products which enhance well-being and reconnect people with nature.

When it comes to how we live and eat, we see the world differently. We think plant-based food can be refined and creative and that a conscious lifestyle – apart from stress and fast pace – should take up more space in our modern time.

Everything we do is based upon our desire to reconnect people with nature and themselves – and inspire them to live the good life.

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