Job description:

I’m searching for a female vegan musician to collaborate on my music project (can be for single projects or long-term), providing instrumental backing for my vocals/hand drum.

About me:

I’m Laura, a vegan singer/songwriter from Germany, and besides that a blogging/vlogging intersectional activist, with my focus being animal rights/anti-speciesism, feminism/gender equality, and trauma awareness/anti-psychiatry. I’m in the process of starting my musical career. The topics of my songs are about the above activism, but also folklore, ancient cultures, and just expressing my emotions. If someone wants to just collaborate on a few vegan songs, that would be no problem.

I also am very open as to style/genre – my favourite ones are traditional and ancient folk music (particularly Celtic and Germanic), rock, pop, and pretty much everything in between. As for instruments, of course my favourites are typical folk instruments like the hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, or bagpipes, but I’d love to work with a guitarist, cellist, or pianist (for example) as well.

You can listen to some of my work on BandLab (the website link), and if you would like to know more about me, you can also visit my blog femvegtrauma.wixsite.com/blog (where you’ll find a video of me presenting my first vegan activist song and talking a bit about myself as a musician).

I’m currently not monetising my music, but am happy to do so for collaborations, and the proceeds would be shared.


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About Laura Buchenlicht

Vegan singer/songwriter and activist from Germany.

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