Vegan coffee shop with values,

Looking for an experienced cook for June, July, August, possibly September.

The place is a coffee shop so the job is very simple. The menu is set but can be changed according to your special skills and ideas. The menu is fairly simple and uses mainly fresh with local organic products from the market.

We need a team member who can be  FAST and Proactive, even if this job is easy, it requires a lot of organization.

There is more pastry to do than savory, so you have to be experienced and at ease with baking and prepping fast.

We work in a very friendly environment with a very small team (3 / 4 people), we want someone with a great attitude who is friendly and easy going ; able to step into the coffee bar area and give a hand if needed. And you will receive help in return.



– Making of coffee-shop like pastries: banana bread, carrots cakes, muffins, cookies (of which we already have recipes) and more ; also you have to be able to understand Gluten free baking.

– Prepping the menu for lunch time

– Serving for lunch time

– cleaning behind you the floor and the working tables at all time. The kitchen you be organized and clean during the day as much as possible. Not suitable for a messy person.

– keeping the stock on point, you have to have experience in keeping the stock. The owner is the one doing the orders and groceries so doing it every day because 1 thing is missing is not an option (we have had that before).


In the morning you need to be able to have done all pastries in 1hr and move on to the savory part.

The pastries have to be ready at opening at 9.30am and you can leave with a clean kitchen by 4pm or before

The lunch time can be intense BUT we are not a restaurant so the amount of plates is manageable for someone who has experience and well organized. You need to be able to handle orders alone (average is 15 to 25, with max of 30 plates a day) which is really not a lot.

The savory menu has only a few items using quite similar ingredients so it should be easy for you.



– your English is FLUENT

– you are able to be around after mid may to start training

– you work with HACCP requirements and FOLLOW them thoroughly. Hygiene on site and on you personally is a very very important factor and would be a deal breaker.


We can’t wait to meet you,

(we are located in a prime location of Cascais, at the Marina)

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Our coffee shop is committed to creating a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment where community is fostered.

We offer an entirely vegan menu with a focus on proving to the world that plant-based food can be amazingly generous, healthy and tasty.

We are proud to be an ethical business respecting the planet and people.

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