Want to join a mission-driven team that’s improving health and saving animals every day? LeafSide is a late-stage startup, offering innovative, 100% whole-food plant-based (WFPB) meal packs.  Our mission is to make healthy, optimal-nutrition food so simple and easy, that it becomes the societal norm.

LeafSide has recently been promoted by Dr. Michael Greger, Vegan Outreach, Robert Cheeke, TrueNorth Health Center, Dr. Melanie Joy, and other leaders of vegan and plant-based eating.  Our meals are the ONLY 100% whole-food plant based ones in the market that provide both convenience and complete nutrition, per leading nutrition science.  We’re enabling people to eat healthy meals no matter how busy their lives get.

We’re looking for a motivated, detail oriented, self-starter to join us in our Tempe, AZ office.


Desired Candidate Attributes & Experience

  1. Food preparation experience, emphasizing accurate and speedy execution, and cleanliness.
  2. Great attention to detail: e.g. reading and following instructions carefully.
  3. You enjoy working with your hands in general, and you have above average hand-eye coordination.
  4. Your stamina should be above average: you’ll be on your feet doing light movements, for much of the time at work (with breaks).
  5. Proactive, self-motivated: you ask questions and do what’s needed to ensure work you’re proud of.
  6. Positive attitude and willingness to learn in a startup environment: we move and change a lot faster than traditional food companies, and expect all teammates to adopt the growth-mindset.
  7. Strong interest in plant-based nutrition; it’s great if you’re a health nut or becoming one, and (want to) know how powerful whole foods plant-based nutrition can be in maximizing health and performance.


Key Responsibilities

  • Food production: Follow detailed recipe cards (with 25 to 35 separate ingredients) to manually label, assemble, pick/fill, and heat-seal meal packs in large batches.
  • Work with shelf-stable ingredients, (dried fruits, vegetables, spices, etc) using measuring scoops, and other appliances (including food processors).
  • Operation of a commercial food processor to blend ingredients.
  • Cleaning of tools, and food production spaces.


Benefits & Compensation

The job is full-time, 35 – 40 or more hours per week (minimum 5 full days expected per week, with some flexibility on which days). We offer a starting pay of $13.50 per hour, with pay increases and more responsibility, based on performance, your skills development, and your initiative and drive. As a startup we are evolving rapidly all the time, so we highly value character, ability, and ongoing commitment to personal and career growth. As our long-term employees know, we prefer to “promote from within” and help raise careers to new levels.

Other benefits include health insurance, a team discount on LeafSide products, and team events: fun times where we discuss our favorite sci-fi shows, vegan memes, and other inspirations over great food. Plus you’ll be working with a dedicated team of high-energy, like-minded, mission-focused people, who know they’re making a real difference for people and animals every day. If that sounds like you and how you want to work, get in touch!

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About LeafSide

LeafSide is a late-stage startup, offering innovative, 100% whole-food plant-based meal packs. Our mission: make healthy, optimal-nutrition food so simple and easy, that it becomes the norm. Visit us at www.goleafside.com

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