Job description

Do you want to make a difference for people’s health, animals, and the planet — working with a passionate vegan team?

Are you obsessed with learning about healthy vegan food? Are you a vegan/whole food plant-based (WFPB) foodie? Do you love researching ingredients and creating nutritious meals? Are you super-organized, curious, self-motivated, and looking to accelerate your career, within a fast-paced mission-driven organization?

If so, we have a great opportunity for you!

We’re looking for a fellow vegan who is highly energetic with a sense of urgencydetail-oriented, proactive, and spreadsheet-savvy to work in our office in Tempe, Arizona. LeafSide is a fast-growing company, offering innovative 100% WFPB meal packs. Our mission is to make healthy, nutritionally-optimal, whole food plant-based eating so easy and enjoyable, that it becomes a societal norm.

Salary & Benefits

  • This is a full-time salaried role, Monday through Friday, 40 – 45 hours/week.
  • We offer starting pay from $45,000 per year, depending on experience and qualifications. Further pay increases and responsibilities are offered based on performance, your skills development, and your initiative and drive — and for great performance, reviews and raises will come quickly.
  • PTO is over 3 weeks annually (6 paid holidays, 5 sick days, 7 vacation days), accrued per pay period; sick and vacation time can be used interchangeably.
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance available. Employee Assistance Program available.
  • Monthly team events: ie. volunteering at local animal sanctuaries, community gardens; pizza parties; birthday treats.
  • Complimentary LeafSide meals every day ($2,500+ value yearly), and employee discount on LeafSide products. Unlike most food companies, we eat our food daily, as we know it powers us with superb nutrition to perform at our best!


  • Minimum 3 years of experience working with food and regularly creating flavorful & nutritious vegan meals for customers and/or family/friends. Would like to see increasing responsibilities and progression in roles you’ve filled.
  • Communication Skills: You have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and strong listening and organizational skills with proven attention to detail. Your communication style is direct and honest, but kind and friendly.
  • Research Skills: You’ll be searching for various suppliers, so you should be highly proficient with using search engines. You’re also able to find and contact credible experts in a professional manner to get key information.
  • Information Organization and Presentation Skills: You’re able to effectively organize large amounts of data and information into clearly understandable formats, such as spreadsheets & documents. You can solve most technology questions and issues independently.
  • Project Management Skills: You’re an independent, productive worker with demonstrated flexibility to adapt and handle multiple competing demands in a fast-paced environment who takes pride in achieving high-quality results.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills: adjectives that apply to you include personable, inquisitive, ambitious, cooperative, enthusiastic, determined, patient, diplomatic, energetic, flexible, resilient, professional, reliable, and trustworthy.
  • You have excellent nutrition knowledge. You’re very familiar with vegan/WFPB nutrition, and you’re committed to learning more. Knowledge of Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen and additional nutrition education is preferred (i.e. documentaries, podcasts, other reading/videos).
  • Culinary Skills: You have an impressive ability to understand flavor combinations, presentation, and all aspects of making a meal an experience to enjoy and remember. Formal training in plant-based chef skills/experience is a major bonus, especially in creating a wide range of globally inspired dishes. Experimenting in the kitchen should be a favorite pastime.
  • You’re passionate about LeafSide’s mission, and committed to being a stellar example to others by living the vegan/WFPB lifestyle


Product Development

  • Prepare product samples
  • Find suppliers for various ingredients
  • Create and update standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Metrics Tracking, Analysis & Reporting

  • Create & update Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and use spreadsheets to track relevant data on a daily basis

Learning & Self-Improvement

  • Continually learn about the vegan/WFPB lifestyle via podcasts, books, documentaries, etc. and enthusiastically share your knowledge with the team.
  • Other Responsibilities depend on your background, motivation, and commitment to growth. 🙂

Pssst…If you’ve read this far and want to stand out from the majority of candidates: Be sure to tell us very clearly whether you’re vegan and where you are in your vegan journey, why you want to work with us, AND be sure to complete the Indeed assessments, so that your application is not left incomplete. : -)

Also, we use Indeed messaging for all initial communications. To be sure to receive important messages about interviews and on-site visits, turn on SMS alerts for Indeed, and/or for this particular job. Due to many applications, if we message you and don’t hear back, we’ll assume you’re no longer interested, which could be unfortunate if Indeed messages are just sitting in your junk email folder. Thanks!

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About LeafSide

LeafSide is a fast-growing company, offering innovative, 100% whole-food plant-based meal packs. Our mission: make healthy, optimal-nutrition food so simple and easy, that it becomes a societal norm. Visit us at www.goleafside.com.

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