I am seeking more writers with experience in journalism who are willing to commit to 4-5 stories per week on a volunteer basis. Your name will be featured on the bottom of each news story you write. After 6 months commitment, you can have your profile added to the site also.

I want someone who is driven, excited about the vegan movement and passionate about bringing awareness and change through education and news.

I already have a lovely writer in the UK and the states so ideally I would love writers from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, however if you are from the UK or the States you can still apply!

About Living Vegan

Co Founded by vegan dietitian Yvonne O' Halloran, Living Vegan is a company that focuses on keeping the public up to date on the latest vegan news stories from around the world. Our goal is to help people on their journey to veganism and to ensure they are eating a healthy plant-based diet.

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