We are opening a boutique, gourmet, plant-based eatery in the Andes mountains of southern Ecuador.  Vilcabamba is an international health destination and a small community of 5000.  Our community is about 1/3 foreigners and the rest a mix of indigenous and local Ecuadorians.  Our goal with this restaurant is to provide healthy, plant-based food using locally sourced ingredients, prepared in new and unique ways.  We want to breach the gap between foreigners and locals and offer healthy versions of traditional local dishes as well as the international “comfort food” we have become known for.  The restaurant is an extension of our farm-to-table adventure dining experience that we currently offer on a limited basis.  You can look up “Finca Oasis Verde” on TripAdvisor to read the reviews from our customers.  We are the only food company in the area with 100% 5 star reviews.

Initially, the menu is going to be based on my recipes, which are already proven successful in the community at our farm-to-table events.  However, I am always open to input from staff and encourage my kitchen staff to come up with new ideas and recipes.   Our clientele will be a mixture of local inhabitants, tourists and foodies from nearby communities.

We are looking for a skilled, reliable, open-minded and outgoing person to fill the position of chef/cook in our restaurant kitchen.  You will be responsible for the daily operation of the kitchen, managing the other kitchen staff (1, possibly 2 people).  Salary will be commensurate with experience and based on the local economy/wages of Ecuador.

If you are interested and wish to know more, please contact us.


Chef Mico

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