We are looking for a vegan cook to live on site at our animal rescue.  You must be able to prep food for a maximum of 20 people twice a day for lunch and dinner. Food must be nutritious and wholesome enough to fuel our hard working team of animal carers. You will be expected to work a maximum of 5 hours a day 5 days a week. Part of your role will include weekly shops, cleaning dishes and keeping the kitchen organised and clean. You’ll be expected to work with a budget and to liaise both with volunteers and management about meeting the needs of the farm. We’re always working towards being more sustainable so you’ll be encouraged to work with foods in season and reduce our impact on the environment.  You may also be asked to complete the occasional non-kitchen related task if needed.

In return for your role as a volunteer you will be given free food, free accommodation, and the beautiful experience of living on our busy but idyllic sanctuary. You’ll have the opportunity to help build and become an integral part of a peaceful and committed team. Immersing yourself in the rewarding and meaningful ethos of giving everything for the animals. You will also have the option to receive some basic animal care training. You’ll be given the opportunity to learn how to gain their trust and be safe when interacting with them. We will be able to offer you insight into the everyday care of pigs, sheep, donkeys, horses and goats but also the less agricultural side of welfare such as the psychological and nutritional needs of farm animals not intended for slaughter.

We aim for our farm to be a haven for rescue animals and we do not believe that they are here to serve us in any way. We trust you will share the same values.


– A driving licence valid for Ireland and able to drive an automatic.

– Experience cooking for big groups of people.

– Advanced English.

– A commitment of 6 months.


– A solid knowledge of plant based nutrition.

– Experience living in communal spaces.

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About My Lovely Pig Rescue

My Lovely Pig Rescue is based in Kildare in Ireland, we take pigs of all breeds that need a loving home. We endeavour to show the world just how smart, loving and intelligent all pigs are, whether they are commercially bred or pet breeds.

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