No Planet B Festival Volunteer Opportunity🌿✨

No Planet B Festival is on the hunt for top notch Volunteers… is that you?

Are you excited to create a zero waste festival / love vegan food/ curious about minimalism and can’t afford to pay £199for a ticket ?

Then why not volunteer?

You get to attend the festival for free one exchange working half days. You will work on a half day rotation so half the day is free to enjoy the festival. You get free food and accommodation. *Travel to and from the festival is on your own back.

Want to know more about who’s coming: James Aspey : Blue Ollis : Sea Shepherd : Frank Ferrante : Earthling Ed… to name a few

Food from top vegan street food vendors and a select few stalls for incredible vegan and ethical products.

It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

What you get:
A standby weekend ticket pass for all classes and workshops
50% off a guest weekend ticket price
Up to 50% free time during the festival weekend/days of attendance
Free camping pitch for up to 2 people (one pitch)
Volunteer Training/Experience at the event.

Requirements: Are you…

1. 18 yrs old plus
2. Free between the 16th- 20th Aug 2018
3. Super responsible
4. Into environmental change
5. Super kind and nice

6. Willing + Able
7. Happy 😊 to get stuck in

*Roles will be specifically allocated after recruitment process and dates might vary dependant on role allocated

What to do:

Email your CV along with a brief overview of why you would be a great part of No Planet B Festival team : hello@noplanetbfestival.com

⌨ subject line : VOLUNTEER // your name2

😁🙌🏻🌿remember you will be the face of the festival so a genuine passion for hosting and sustainability is a absolute  …

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About No Planet B Festival

Founded by Maudie, Chris and Hannah in 2018. This is our launch year.

Maudie conceived the idea after spending hours, like most 15-35 year olds, on social channels learning and being inspired by these three core topics. Feeling empowered by her new knowledge and skills she wanted to unite these communities for the following reasons:

“From personal experience living these ways are intertwined and overlap naturally.”
“I was fed up with digital communication and virtual realities and wanted a place to indulge and learn face to face.”
“To grow and expand these movements in order to create positive change for ourselves and the Planet. My take on it is the more people get disillusioned by the bigger powers not actioning change the more we want to take control back into our own hands. A people's revolution!”
“Because there's No Planet B!”

No Planet B Festival’s mission is to empower and educate individuals on sustainable living. ‘Small decisions for Big Change.’ Through a face to face and hands on experience to both inspire and educate. Learning is best implemented whilst having fun and demonstrating how these new skills are applied into everyday life.

As we see it there are two ways to make change. From the top down; Governments, Councils and other parties in power OR from the bottom up; a Revolutionary approach: Individuals taking a stance and reversing the status quo. Voting with your money. Standing up for what we believe in and creating waves via social media. The power of global connection through social media makes movements such as veganism, zero waste and minimalism grow exponentially hence veganism being dubbed the fastest growing social movement of our time.

join the revolution!

Know someone interested?