Hello fellow vegans! ✌️

We are a UK-based e-commerce brand that supplies a vegan Omega 3 product: https://www.nothingfishy.co

We are looking to expand into the US with our advertising, but one big obstacle is the fact that shipping takes 7-10 days from the UK. In the age of Amazon Prime, only a sadist would want to wait that long for an Internet purchase.

We are therefore, looking for someone to help us by fulfilling the US orders. Logistically, this means:

  • We send you 20-50 jars of our product from the UK, to your address in the US
  • These will come sealed in boxes so when we get a US/Canada order, all you will need to do is print the label (you will need some form of label printer),  and then ship the order to the customer in the US or Canada
  • We will pay you $5 per order + whatever the shipping cost comes to (ie. if shipping costs you $4, you get $9)
  • Orders should be shipped within 24 hours on weekdays
  • Payment will be made by bank transfer on the last day of the month to your US bank account
  • We send more jars once the existing supply are over 🙂

This job would be well suited for someone that:

  • Works other jobs but can spare maybe 10-20 minutes per day to earn some extra money
  • Knows how to ship items/ lives near a Post Office (?)
  • Doesn’t travel much
  • Is reliable
  • *Added vegan brownie points if you can create an invoice for your work, but if you don’t know how to then that’s cool as well, nbd*


However, we must add that right now we only get maybe 1 or 2 orders from the US per week (as we don’t advertise in the US, yet). So this will very much be an experiment. You could make a couple hundred dollars per month, or you could make just $20 per month. It all depends on how successful we are with our advertising efforts! We will try this for 3 months and then reassess.

So let us know if you want to help us ship some microalgae Omega 3 to US vegan peeps, and earn some ?




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About NothingFishy Omega 3

We sell vegan Omega 3 from non-GMO/sustainable microalgae on the Internet, basically.

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