We are looking to hire a Campaign Manager to join our campaigns team whose goal is to end the sale of Frankenchickens. Arguably the largest and most severe animal welfare emergency in the country, you will help convince the UK’s largest food businesses to drastically reduce the suffering of hundreds of millions of broiler chickens.

You will help us figure out the most effective campaign strategy, come up with pressure campaign ideas and then help make them happen. You will work on projects such as investigations, media stunts, research and grassroots actions. This is not only a campaigning role: you will help us create and maintain a strong organisational culture based on effectiveness, autonomy and critical thinking.

No campaigning or leadership experience is required for this role. We are mostly interested in finding hard working people with values aligned to ours. Experience can be gained and knowledge can be learned.

What will you do?

  • In-depth research, thinking and discussion about food businesses and the animal agriculture industries. Requires attention to detail, ability to find and analyse information, to weigh up subtle concepts and trade offs, and finally to make decisions amidst uncertainty. Much of this role will involve figuring out the best ways to achieve our campaign goals.
  • Generate and coordinate campaign actions. You will need to be able to come up with creative ideas for actions and then make them happen. You will work on long term projects requiring patience or have to drop everything to get something done with a few days’ notice.
  • Work with volunteers. You will manage and coordinate voluntary activists in both local and online actions and projects.
  • Talk: you will spend a lot of time communicating with people. You will plan actions with colleagues, pitch stories to journalists, coordinate volunteers, and liaise with external agencies or experts. Your job will involve juggling important relationships with many types of people.
  • Write: much of what we do is based on communication. You will use the written word a lot by writing articles, petitions, letters to officials, leaflets, reports, video scripts, emails, social media posts and more.
  • Build culture  you will help build and reinforce our culture, so we never lose what makes Open Cages effective and strong.

What do we require from you?

  • Strong belief in the mission of our organisation. Working for us should not be thought of as a ‘career step.’ We want people who are motivated by our mission above all.
  • High time flexibility. Just like we offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of working hours, we need you to be flexible as well. You have to be ready to work custom hours (40hrs a week) to be available for time zone differences, voluntary activists and unexpected events. It’s not a strict ‘9 to 5’ job.
  • Not being an asshole. We expect you to treat others with respect, decency and compassion – even the occasional adversaries.
  • A preference for hard work. Activism is our passion and one of the main motivations in life. To fit our culture, you have to be a person that is proactive and enjoys work, not only tolerates it.
  • Growth mindset. Nobody knows how to fix the world, so we need you to keep learning. We constantly strive to be better at our activism, but also as people. If you can handle setbacks and failures you’re more likely to thrive with us.
  • A fit for a high-feedback culture. You have to be able to thrive in a culture focused on constantly giving and receiving honest and direct feedback, as well as speaking up when something isn’t right. We mean it: think twice about applying if you don’t like the idea of receiving honest and sometimes uncomfortably direct feedback – both positive and negative.
  • Ability to reason and communicate your thinking. In order to thrive in our organisation you must be able to engage in critical thinking, back up your ideas with evidence, and above all be open to being proven wrong and changing your mind.
  • Fluency in English. Reading and writing.
  • No experience of leadership is necessary. Your values and work ethic are most important to us.
  • Residency – or intent to live – in the UK. We will consider applicants from outside the UK who have an intention or interest to live permanently in the UK. We would also consider candidates who are willing to spend at least a majority of their time in the UK. Note that we cannot promise legal or financial support in moving to the UK, but we may consider it for the right candidate.


About Open Cages

About Open Cages

We are a British registered charity which helps animals, particularly farmed animals, as effectively as possible. To help us achieve our goal we use scientific evidence and careful reasoning. While relatively new, we are part of Anima International – an international group with decades of experience in helping animals.

We are impact oriented and use various tools to create change in the world. As Open Cages we work on a range of activities specifically aimed at ending intensive farming practices, ending farmed animal suffering, and reducing the numbers of animals killed for food. We are mainly known for our undercover investigations exposing horrific abuse of animals hidden behind the walls of factory farms. Our public campaign actions put pressure on UK supermarkets and educate the British public on the reality of the food industry.

In Open Cages we won’t stop until we end animal suffering and we would like to invite you to join us and help us achieve this goal.

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