Our Planet. Theirs Too. – the non-profit behind the worldwide National Animal Rights Day (NARD) events (held this year in 150 cities across the globe!) – is seeking a NARD Country Coordinator to manage our NARD operations locally.

In our work – as exemplified by our NARD events – we use unconventional means to raise the public’s awareness for humanity’s unconscionable treatment of animals, on an emotional rather than intellectual level. We reach people at their heart, and appeal to their innate sense of care and love for animals (and for the innocent in general), in order to make them want to change their lifestyle to a non-cruelty, non-animal based one. We also give great importance to ritually honoring, and commemorating, the victims – the billions of animals who lose their lives by human hands, every year.

Our NARD Country Coordinator will help us do that, and do it bigger and better!

If this speaks to you, that’s a good start! Now let’s get down to some specifics:

This is a role where you will thrive, if you are vegan of course and committed to fighting for animal liberation, but also: if you are super organized and do well with lists and plans; you love working hard for a mission you care about; you like having multiple projects at the same time, and managing multiple potentially-conflicting priorities and objectives, without constant supervision; you naturally see the ‘big picture’ of things, and have the overall benefit of the project and its mission, in mind; you always find solutions no matter what; you keep your word, your deadlines, your commitments and your timely communications; you are a “people’s person”, know how to manage teams with various backgrounds and styles of work; have experience in managing large groups of people and resources; are looking to have a great impact on animals and the animal rights movement.

You will not thrive in this role if you are disorganized and messy; you struggle with handling multiple tasks at the same time, while keeping track of lists, goals and plans; you are not a team-player, and have issues with authority; you do not honor your word, deadlines and commitments.

The most important criterion is having the commitment, experience, attitude and skills to fill this crucial role.

As our NARD Country Coordinator you will, among others:

  • Recruit new NARD City Organizers;
  • Guide the NARD City Organizers on how to organize the NARD events in their cities;
  • Help the NARD City Organizers solve the logistical issues of the NARD organization (such as printing their printing materials, translations, fundraising, obtaining animals, permits, etc.), and be the point person for all their questions and inquiries;
  • Facilitate and mediate all necessary communications with the NARD Regional Coordinator;
  • Help the NARD City Organizers with the media and social media coverage of the events in their region, pre- and post- the events. Help collect all photos, videos, and media coverage of all the events, and forward them to the NARD Regional Coordinator;
  • Maintain lists of all logistical solutions (such as printing shops), authorities’ contacts, media contacts, and potential issues in all the regions, for future use of the NARD organizers and leadership;
  • Follow up on all the NARD events in your country, and tie any loose ends after the events;
  • Ensure the consistency of the NARD “brand” in your country, and protect the NARD “brand” and interests;
  • Help grow the NARD community and presence in your country, in the ‘downtime’ months before next year’s events;
  • Stay abreast of new developments and opportunities in the global animal rights / vegan field, and maximize collaboration opportunities with other groups;
  • Help promote the Declaration of Animal Rights in your country.

Type of engagement: Volunteer.

Time commitment: Several hours / week.

About Our Planet. Theirs Too., Inc.

Our Planet. Theirs Too. is a non-profit organization with a bold vision for planet Earth and all of the species of beings who live on it: human and non-human animals sharing this planet in peace and harmony. We believe that this Earth belongs to ALL beings who live on it, and they deserve to share its resources equally. Because it's our planet, and theirs too! OPTT produces the renowned National Animal Rights Day events in 22 countries around the world, and is behind The Declaration of Animal Rights.

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