Location: London  – East/North east

We are looking for team members who can grow with quickly expanding company.

We  run a salad bar & cafe, currently at the Hornbeam in Walthamstow. We’ll be moving on in April to another cafe and need experienced kitchen staff.

Our food is flavour packed, everything made from scratch, fresh and organic as possible, quality is important, while the salads are the focal point of business (these are no ordinary salads!) we also do more cafe appropriate dishes.

We also stock local shops and want to grow this end of the business so need chefs happy to do prep & packing, as well as service & capable to run a small kitchen.

Really looking for people who care and want to produce great food as well as learn and grow with the company.


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About Palm Greens

Palm Greens is a vegan salad bar. Our produce is as organic and locally sourced as possible, really fresh, from scratch, flavour packed food.

We're currently running a residency at the Hornbeam cafe  - moving on in April to a new space - we also stock shops with our salads.

Instagram : @palmgreens


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