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Pax Fauna is launching a historic pilot campaign in Denver. We’re hiring a Trainings Developer role focused on harvesting learnings and creating educational content.


  • Design a new mass movement for animals based on research
  • Work on a first-of-its-kind experimental grassroots campaign
  • Work shoulder-to-shoulder with a team of experienced organizers devoted to our principles

The purpose of this role is to continuously document lessons as the campaign is running so that we can deploy an effective model campaign in numerous cities around the country in the coming years. Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Regularly interviewing other leadership roles working on the campaign about what they are learning.
  • Critically observing each aspect of the campaign in action to determine what is working.
  • Collaborate in creating field experiments to refine campaign methods.
  • Distilling all of these lessons into effective written guides and video trainings so that current & future campaigners can understand best practices and avoid repeating mistakes.
  • Co-developing these guides and trainings with other leadership roles in the campaign through constant feedback and iteration.
  • Sensing inefficiencies that exist between various functions of the campaign and taking action to ensure they are addressed.
  • Reviewing data collected on the campaign and drawing conclusions about guiding future campaigns.

This role will rely heavily on social, research, and communication skills, such as:

  • Distilling complex ideas and effectively communicating them to people with no specialized knowledge.
  • Working with people through interviews to process their experiences in real-time and draw out lessons they haven’t yet realized themselves.
  • Designing thoughtful training curricula.
  • Sound competence with consumer software in general and ability to quickly develop new computer skills (e.g. basic video editing).

No specific credentials or experience required.

IDEAL CANDIDATES ARE LOCATED NEAR DENVER, COLORADO, OR ARE WILLING TO RELOCATE THERE. Exceptional remote candidates (permitted to work in the U.S.) might be considered if you can spend extensive time in Denver over the next two years.

Starting May 1 or later – Salary $42,341 per year (flat rate for all team members pegged to MIT living wage calculator) plus healthcare and retirement contributions.

This is a highly self-directed role, seeking a self-starter with a track record of initiating projects.

If you are unsure about applying because you think you may not have the right skills or experience, we’d love to receive your application! We strongly encourage women and people of color to apply. No deadline- applications will be processed as they are received. The first step is easy, so apply soon! Graduating soon? Apply now and the role will start when you’re ready.

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About Pax Fauna

Pax Fauna exists to help end the use of animals for food, by accelerating the emergence of a highly intelligent, collaborative, Nonviolent grassroots mass movement ecosystem to abolish the animal slaughter industry in the United States. We aim to achieve this by conducting research and developing educational, informational, and material resources to enable local advocacy communities to seize the narrative about animal agriculture using controversial mass protest and scalable community organizing.

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