Position Objective:

To enlist celebrity support of PETA campaigns and initiatives, including social media campaigns, public service announcements, and advocacy events supervising successful outreach and creating high-profile animal rights messaging and oversee the division


Position Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Organize celebrity projects, including photo shoots and the production and editing of radio and TV commercials
  • Oversee the Art Director acting as the point person between them and the PETA celebrity team on all creative campaign building
  • Oversee day to day of Celebrity Relations Coordinators, the Department Assistant, Celebrity Marketing Coordinator, and Celebrity Auction Coordinator
  • Supervise the execution of events and working with media campaign staff members to ensure appropriate media coverage
  • Work with social media team to guide online Influencer outreach
  • Develop and maintain relationships with entertainment industry professionals (e.g., agencies, publicity firms, management companies, photographers, stylists)
  • Write letters to celebrities encouraging them to get involved in various PETA campaigns or to stop supporting industries or acts that harm animals (e.g., wearing fur, buying an animal from a pet store, attending an animal-based circus, eating foie gras)
  • Write scripts, ad copy, and text for celebrity letters after celebrities sign on to participate in campaigns
  • Liaise with key senior staff members to create pitch ideas that will become the next big thing for animal rights
  • Keep thorough records in the celebrity database of the important interactions between PETA and celebrities
  • Stay current on celebrity news and events, including the issues and events that are important to them, to respond with relevant information
  • Travel to represent PETA at events, shoots, meetings, concerts, and other opportunities for networking
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor


Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Extensive firsthand knowledge of the entertainment industry is a must, experience working in a similar or related field is required
  • Working with high-profile individuals requires the ability to be honest, reliable, and discreet
  • You’re going to be working with celebrities, publicity firms, and stylists, so the ability to deal with a variety of people in a professional manner will be critical
  • Contracts need to be negotiated and photo shoots need to be organized, and it all has to happen under a tight budget, so we need an A-list multitasker with a lot of drive
  • Top-notch writing abilities
  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid U.S. driver’s license, a minimum of three years of driving experience, and a satisfactory driving record
  • Willingness and ability to travel
  • This position requires proof of the COVID-19 full vaccination and booster
  • Many people say that they “thrive under pressure,” but this position has no shortage of tight deadlines, so you must really be able to crank out high-quality work within short timeframes.
  • This position is responsible for getting our message out to celebrities, so you must know PETA campaigns and animal rights issues inside and out
  • You must support PETA’s philosophy and have the ability to professionally advocate our positions on issues
  • Naturally, you’d need to be committed to the objectives of the organization, and living a vegan lifestyle would be a part of this
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