We are looking for a vegan social media manager to support our efforts in managing social media, portray and share Sadhana Forest’s message and vision, and help grow and scale up our activities.

Have you ever wanted:

• To live in a Vegan community?

• To work towards growing Veganism?

• To live and work in a forest and be immersed in nature?

• To live and work in a completely off-grid and sustainable place?

• To live and work in a place that has a vegan farm animal sanctuary, living with cows?

Sadhana Forest is the only 100% vegan organization that does reforestation in the field. We do not use animal manure or anything else from animals. We are also unique in that we live in a diverse international Vegan eco-community. We currently have eight projects in four countries: India, Haiti, Kenya, and Namibia. Our global team is based in Auroville, South India, where we receive over 1,500 volunteers every year from over 50 countries.

In Haiti, Kenya, and Namibia, we are working with local people to plant food-producing trees around their homes. Our main aim is to create long-term plant-based food security, which offers an alternative to animal-derived products.

• We have the most visited vegan farm animal sanctuary in the world.

• We are the only vegan place on Happy Cow that offers free food.

• We have a viable model on how to transition the world to a plant-based food system.

• We host over 1500 volunteers on our vegan campuses.

• We welcome over thirty thousand visitors to see our work on the land and have food with us each year.

To scale up our operations, to impact more people, to plant more trees, to grow the vegan movement, we need more people supporting us. To better be able to achieve this, it is important for people joining our global team to make a 1 year minimum commitment.

If you would like to know more about our movement, visit our website, www.sadhanaforest.org, and Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

We are available for phone/video calls, and email, to answer any questions.

We are making a difference. We hope you are ready to be a part of a global change.

Please apply through this website ONLY if you are able to commit to this volunteer position for a minimum of one year. For volunteering options with a shorter time commitment, please contact india@sadhanaforest.org


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About Sadhana Forest

Sadhana Forest is an international vegan volunteer organization that brings compassion into action, transforms dry lands into vibrant food forests, and increases plant-based food security around the world. The organization was founded in 2003.

The organization has 8 permanent vegan reforestation centers in 4 countries: India, Haiti, Kenya, and Namibia.

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