Do you want to learn hands-on tools to regenerate ecosystems and empower climate vulnerable communities? Are you ready for a two year in-depth, on-site, immersive experience in an international environmental non-profit? Then Sadhana Forest’s Environmental Leaders Fellowship may be something for you!

This two year fellowship will provide you with the hands-on skills and experience needed to run a successful reforestation project and work effectively with rural communities. The program will start in Sadhana Forest in Auroville, south India, where you will receive initial training in reforestation, water conservation, sustainable living techniques and the core values of Sadhana Forest. Afterwards, Fellows will be posted in one or more of Sadhana Forest’s rural centers and work closely with the local population to implement water conservation techniques and plant indigenous, drought-resistant food-bearing trees. You will learn to train tribal and rural communities in the Global South in cost-effective, locally appropriate land restoration techniques. In doing so you will provide them with the knowledge, tools and experience to build water & food security and climate resilience for the long run. Eventually, if you are willing and able, you may be offered a leadership role in one of our projects.

This Fellowship is aimed at growing consciousness and self-awareness and is fully vegan and substance-free. Fellows are required to be vegan during the entire Fellowship and abstain from consuming tobacco, alcohol or any other kinds of drugs. Failure to do so will result in immediate ending of the Fellowship and removal from Sadhana Forest. Fellows will live and serve full time at Sadhana Forest’s off-grid sustainable living campuses in India, Haiti, Kenya or Namibia, alongside a diverse international team of volunteers. Fellows will be part of the Sadhana Forest management and help operate our centers.

Sadhana Forest is an award-winning grassroots reforestation organization, active in Tamil Nadu and Meghalaya in India, in Haiti, Kenya and Namibia.

More info & application form: www.sadhanaforest.org/elf
Contact: fellowships@sadhanaforset.org


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About Sadhana Forest

Sadhana Forest is a vegan volunteer-based organisation, working globally to reforest and restore degraded ecosystems and ensure plant-based food-security. Sadhana Forest plants indigenous, drought-resistant food-bearing trees together with rural communities in drought-stricken areas in India, Haiti and Kenya. In 2023, Sadhana Forest will establish a new center in Namibia. The organization operates from local off-grid, sustainable vegan campuses where it hosts around 1,500 volunteers per year. Sadhana Forest runs vegan cow sanctuaries, a gift economy vegan chai hut and serves dozens of thousands of free vegan meals to its visitors and guests every year. In 2010, Sadhana Forest won 3rd place at the Humanitarian Water and Food Award.

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