Summary of position

  • Start date: January 1st with some flexibility
  • Department: Board of Directors
  • Time Commitments: 
    • 3 x 1.5 hour board meetings (quarterly)
    • 1 x 2.5 hour meeting (annual)
      • 30 minute reading materials before each meeting 
    • 1 x 3 hour strategy session per year
  • Location: Global (Remote), priority given to residents of the UK given our UK-registered charity condition
  • Duration: 3-year term, subject to be re-appointed by the board, max. 3 terms
  • How to apply: apply using link below.
  • Deadline to apply: we will consider candidates on a rolling basis until the positions are filled
  • Compensation: Board membership roles are unpaid for the foreseeable future

About Shrimp Welfare Project

Shrimp Welfare Project is a UK-registered charity in the Effective Animal Advocacy space. Effective Animal Advocacy is the group within Effective Altruism (EA) which focuses on improving the welfare of non-human animals. EA and the idea that sentient beings deserve consideration are the core values that our team shares. EA is a philosophical and social movement that advocates the use of evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others. Learn more at effectivealtruism.org – it’s really important for us!

Our mission is to improve the welfare of billions of shrimps, in the most cost-effective way possible. What we do::

    • Corporate Engagement: A significant part of our work involves collaborating with relevant stakeholders along the supply chain.  Our main goal is the Humane Slaughter Initiative, which aims to promote the adoption of electrical stunning technology in the shrimp industry.
    • Farmer Support: We are working with farmers to directly improve shrimp welfare in their farms.  To achieve this, we launched Sustainable Shrimp Farmers of India (SSFI), a platform and community for like-minded shrimp farmers.
    • Research: We actively work on a number of research projects.  This allows us to explore and address some of our key uncertainties.  As a result, we are able to produce reports that communicate our findings to a broader audience.
    • Raising Issue Salience: Finally, a significant part of our work is to raise awareness about shrimp welfare through conferences, podcasts, and articles in the shrimp industry, animal welfare, and Effective Altruism spaces.

How you will make a difference

As one of our board members, you will play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting our organisation’s mission to improve the lives of billions of farmed shrimps. We are looking for committed individuals who are willing to contribute their expertise, time, and energy to help us further our work, and are excited about actively participating in providing clear mission-based leadership.

As a board member, your responsibilities will include the following:

  1. Strategic leadership: Provide guidance and leadership to SWP by actively participating in the development and execution of our strategies.
  1. Governance: Ensure that SWP is adhering to its legal and ethical responsibilities, maintaining the highest level of integrity, and safeguarding our reputation.
  1. Financial oversight: Assist in our financial management, including approving budgets, financial reports, and fundraising strategies.
  1. Evaluation of leadership: Evaluate the performance and determine the compensation of team members in leadership positions (2-3 people at most).
  1. Commitment: Attend virtual board meetings, committee meetings, and relevant events, and actively participate in decision-making processes.  Document meeting minutes.

Examples of skills we’re looking for:

  1. Corporate Law or Operations expert
  • An individual with a legal background, ideally with experience in corporate law or non-profit law.
  • Demonstrated understanding of governance, compliance, and legal matters related to charitable organisations in the UK.
  • Ability to provide legal counsel and guidance to ensure the charity’s activities align with regulatory requirements.
  • Provide strategic oversight and guidance on the company’s operational processes, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in all operational functions.
  • Leverage operations expertise to identify areas of improvement, streamline workflows, and drive initiatives that enhance operational excellence across the organisation.
  1. Finance Expert
  • Experience in financial management, budgeting, and financial reporting..
  • A track record of making sound financial decisions.
  • Chartered Accountant or Certified Financial Planner would be a plus.
  1. Representative from an Animal Organization
  • An established presence in the animal welfare sector, contributing to the cause in various capacities.
  • Someone who has a track record of working constructively with a variety of parties, including agriculture companies, retailers, seafood traders and other NGOs
  1. Measurement and Evaluation expert
  • Someone with a background conducive to assessing the effectiveness of SWPs programs.

We understand that applying for a new position takes effort and want to thank you in advance for taking the time to introduce yourself.  We can’t wait to meet you!

What would be a plus to have

  • Leadership and/or previous board experience.
  • Interest in expanding knowledge on animal and shrimp welfare.
  • Knowledge of and alignment with the core values of Effective Altruism.
  • Being located in the UK.

Benefits of contributing to SWP

  • You will improve the lives of billions of shrimps.
  • Raise a greater awareness of the importance of improving shrimp welfare.
  • Be part of a highly-skilled, driven and diverse team of passionate individuals from all over the world.
  • You will have a significant influence on the direction of the organisation as a whole.

Want to know what to expect ahead?

Step 1: Complete the application form.  This process will be ongoing on a rolling basis until all positions have been filled.

Step 2: Join a 1 – 1.5 hour online interview to discuss the role in more detail and learn more about one another.  Interview invites will be scheduled starting in December for successful candidates.  This interview will be a panel interview, but in the rare instance this cannot occur, this interview will then be recorded for peer review purposes only.

Step 3: We expect to provide an offer to successful candidates within 15 business days of completion of your interview.

Equal opportunity

SWP is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We encourage qualified individuals to apply, regardless of ethnic background, race, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, age, ability, etc. Please contact us at info@ShrimpWelfareProject.org if you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility, and we will endeavour to make adjustments throughout the process where possible.

This application form and selection process was adjusted based on the recommendations from the Inclusive Hiring Workshop series co-hosted by Animal Advocacy Careers and Scarlet Spark.  Our Operations Manager, Kari Snorek, who is overseeing this process, recently completed the 3 part series in June of 2023.

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About Shrimp Welfare Project

Our mission is to improve the welfare of billions of shrimps, in the most cost-effective way possible.

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