Sweet Peeps is hiring! We are located in Lillian, AL.

We are looking for an occasional part-time helper who is available to fill in for staff during periods of vacation or other absences. Main duties include cleaning and maintaining chicken living spaces, facilities maintenance, some direct animal care, and running errands such as picking up feed and bedding. Although there are no set hours for this position, in all likelihood, it would average about 15 hours a month.

Ideal candidate will be vegan, have experience at a farmed animal sanctuary or other animal care/vet tech experience, and bonus points (and extra hours available) for someone with handyman/carpentry/home repair skills. Candidate should be highly dependable, reliable, resourceful, self-motivated, and also have reliable transportation.

This is perfect opportunity for anyone interested in starting their own sanctuary, working at a larger sanctuary, running a non-profit, or just being a better advocate for the animals. All of the chickens here have been rescued from animal agriculture. Getting to know them as individuals and seeing what life can be like for them post-liberation is truly life-changing and an invaluable lesson in why we must end animal exploitation, especially animal agriculture.

If interested, please submit a letter of interest expressing why you’re interested in the job, why you would be the right person for the job, why and how long you’ve been vegan, and any relevant experience. Please also attach a resume if you have one, and 2 references, at least on of them professional.

Note: This is a physically demanding job. Ideal candidate will be able to lift 50 pound bags of feed, and work outside in all seasons. Caring for 25 chickens, 13 cats, and 3 dogs is a (highly rewarding) labor of love! ❤️🐓


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About Sweet Peeps Microsanctuary

We are a small vegan sanctuary for chickens. Most of the animals have been rescued directly from animal agriculture. We provide a lifetime of care and vegan advocacy.

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