We’re always looking for exceptional humans to help us create a more sustainable food system. You are stoked to help us by searching for mission- and values-driven people in industry and academia. This position is remote and offers flexible, part-time hours perfect for students or other folks looking to learn more about startups in sustainable biotechnology. We are based in Oakland.

About Tezza

Our food system represents a whopping 34% of global carbon emissions and is the primary driver of species extinction and deforestation. Within food, the biggest single problem is cows. Cows outweigh humans 🤯 and account for over 10% of carbon emissions. Dairy alone produces more carbon than all of aviation.

But the problem is that cows and their milk taste really good, and no amount of guilt will ever stop us from devouring them. The only solution is to create sustainable products that are better than cows on two factors: taste and cost.

Tezza is a public benefit corporation that discovers and designs microbial communities that transform inexpensive, sustainable plants into new categories of fermented foods. This approach allows us to create plant-based products that are absurdly delicious and cheaper than their animal-based counterparts. We are starting with the most resource-intensive and addictive dairy product: 🧀.

About the position

You will be working with us to accelerate the discovery of cultured foods. Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Searching for scientists with applicable skills and potential interest in sustainability from academic labs, research institutions, biotechnology companies, and food companies
  • Searching for operators with specific skills in food manufacturing, packaging, safety, and branding
  • Working with our hiring team to recruit and evaluate these candidates


  • A deeply held conviction in our mission and values
  • Excitement to learn about team building, culture creation, and organizational growth
  • A fondness for exploring internet rabbit holes (particularly in science) and thinking “Wow, I never even though about that”
  • A joy in getting specific, concrete shit done and tracking that progress in spreadsheets
  • Preferably, you have experience in science or food manufacturing

What do you get out of it?

  • Gain experience in team building in early stage, mission-driven startups
  • Learn about different biology, chemistry, and physics labs from academic institutions across the country
  • Learn about different companies in biotechnology, biomedicine, sustainability, and food
  • Flexible hours and remote work allow you to work anytime for arbitrary periods
  • Compensation is $20 per hour

If interested, what should you do?

We build relationships thoughtfully, and this approach takes time. Over multiple conversations, we will seek to understand how we can support you, and hopefully you will find out whether we are a good fit for your goals or simply a bunch of nutcases. You can learn about our values, hiring process, and benefits here.

To apply, please email us a resume and responses to the following prompts (a conversational, unpolished tone is fine):

  1. What motivates you right now? When you think about your short life, what motivates you for the long term? And most importantly, why? Where did those motivations come from?
  2. What are the most important things that you are striving to improve in yourself? What are you doing to work on them? And how would that work either amplify a superpower or cure an achilles heel?

Tezza is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status. But we acknowledge that we are flawed humans within a flawed society. We do our best and apologize and learn when that’s not enough.


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About Tezza

We excite people about eating sustainably by crafting affordable cultured foods that tap into the diversity of the microbial world. To do this, we use modern microbial ecology to accelerate the discovery of cultured foods, starting with a new category of hard, aged cheeses made from sustainable plants.

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