As the Global Corporate Campaigns Coordinator you will research, coordinate and launch hard-hitting global corporate welfare campaigns against major multinational companies. The campaigns involve collaboration and coordination with 98+ animal protection organizations from around the world and directly contribute to The Humane League’s org-wide goal of ending the abuse of animals raised for food by securing global cage-free egg policies that significantly improve the lives of millions of egg-laying hens. This position requires strategic thinking and determination; perseverance, creative problem solving, and a collaborative mindset are key to winning corporate campaigns.

With this position comes deep comprehension of our targets, our primary campaign strategies, and the tools we will use to win. You execute tactics across a variety of media, including email, social media, advertisements, and other digital spaces. The ideal candidate will enjoy regularly doing in-depth research that others may find tedious; be able to persevere through long campaigns without much indication that we’re having an impact (that is, until we win!); and be comfortable upsetting and receiving angry responses from executives at the target company. This position reports directly to the Global Corporate Campaigns Manager.

This is a full-time, remote position. This position requires domestic and international travel for OWA summits and staff retreats; this is equivalent to approximately 2-4 week-long trips per year. We are only able to consider applicants who reside in Chile, Peru, Serbia, Denmark, Poland, the UK, or US (ET or CT timezone), and possess appropriate work authorization within those countries. If you have any questions about the position, please ask them here by July 4, 2023. A recording of all the questions and answers will be available to watch here on July 7, 2023.


Your responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Conduct research and analysis to help inform what strategies and tactics we use throughout the campaign, what our campaign communications should look like (i.e. slogan, ad language), and the project plan that we follow during the campaign.
  • Gather and monitor contact information, data, and key details about companies and their executives, including corporate structure, history, leadership and non-leadership, media, affiliations, and any potential branch of the company that can be used in a campaign.
  • Prepare and execute campaign tactics within the overarching strategy, including (but not limited to) email and social media campaigns, phone-calls with corporate employees, petitions, and placing advertisements.
  • Work with and support relevant teams to write or otherwise devise campaigning materials including website content, video plans, petitions, advertisements, social media actions, and literature language.
  • Help plan and maintain the strategic direction and schedule of campaign tactics to deploy.
  • Collaborate closely with other teams at The Humane League and within OWA to develop and execute various plans for the campaigns, align on goals, and debrief on the progress of our campaigns.
  • Quickly adapt to changing campaign landscape in order to capitalize on any information you might learn about the target during the campaign.
  • Coordinate and motivate OWA members across 98 organizations to take action. Lead with “why” to inspire others to get involved. Maintain morale during long and challenging campaigns.
  • Other duties as assigned. 

The ideal candidate will possess most, if not all the following qualities, skills, and characteristics:

  • Have approximately one year of experience in paid or unpaid work related to grassroots campaigning, campus organizing, or activism with an animal protection organization or another social movement.
  • Relentless – It is important to campaign fast, hard, and where it matters. The pressure must remain consistent and build momentum, preventing the company from ever getting ahead. You demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills for tackling barriers and persevering through challenging campaigns. You can take advantage of the tools and resources available and work to accomplish more with less.
  • Organized – With all of the research, data, action alerts, and communications, it is crucial to remain organized and on top of all that is going on in the campaign. You can easily manage moving pieces from multiple projects on a daily basis.   You are self-motivated to set your own schedule and to-do lists, and carry them out in a timely, efficient manner.
  • Research – You must have an eye for detail and be able to locate hard-to-find information online about a company and its executives. They must also be able to compile and organize this information in a way that is accessible to OWA groups.
  • Innovative – Barriers will come up, and companies will get used to the tactics over time. Being innovative throughout the campaign will create an unpredictable and unmanageable environment for the target company. You possess creative and analytical thinking skills for developing campaign strategies and tactics.
  • Strategic – You are able to identify the high priority and high impact work. The right approaches will come as a result of understanding the target company and the current landscape. You must be flexible and able to shift strategy quickly and creatively when necessary in order to successfully win a campaign. When each decision is a strategic one, the impact of all decisions can increase.
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills – You can craft messaging and communications that are professional, on point, and tailored to the specific audience and can guide and motivate others to take actions.


This position is available to candidates until 12pm EST on Friday, July 14, 2023 

The initial application review will happen after the application closing date above. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified via email with further details on the status of your application. If a candidate is moved forward, the interview process will be as follows:

  • Work Simulation Exercise (completed remotely)
  • First Interview (via video call)
  • Final Interview (via video call)
  • Reference Check

The salary range for this role is $60,417– $73,843 USD or £34,700 – £42,412 GBP. We recently revamped our compensation policy; as such, salaries for Chile, Peru, Serbia, Denmark, and Poland are still being determined, and will be posted here the first week of July. At The Humane League, we believe in maintaining a fair and equitable work environment for all employees. As part of our commitment to transparency and equity, we recently implemented a job architecture framework, which levels all of our roles according to size and complexity, as well as a compensation step system, which allows us to account for an individuals total years of related experience when determining their compensation. In addition, we have adopted a no negotiation policy for salaries. To determine a jobs level, we carefully consider a variety of factors, including a job’s size and complexity, required experience, knowledge, and/or skills, internal comparability, and market data. To determine final compensation, experience will be measured by considering prior work in jobs or activities that are related to the role at THL. These new practices are aligned with our organizational values and will help us ensure we maintain clear, consistent, transparent, and equitable HR processes.

US Employees enjoy full medical coverage, optional dental and vision packages, a 401(k) retirement plan, pet care & Rx discount plans, working from home, up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave for eligible employees, paid holidays, flexible vacation time, professional development, and the supportive environment at The Humane League! Employees in the United Kingdom will enjoy annual leave starting at 25 working days off per year, sick pay, pension, internet allowance, insurance, and other special leave policies.

At The Humane League (THL), animal welfare is at the forefront of our everyday work. As such, many of our staff are vegan by personal choice, and all of our THL-hosted events offer fully vegan menus. We welcome all mission-aligned candidates to apply, no matter where you are in your journey to end the abuse of animals raised for food.

The Humane League is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, people with disabilities, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. In compliance with laws and in furtherance of our commitment to fostering an environment that welcomes and embraces diversity, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, or veteran status.

The Humane League is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. We trust individuals to self-identify and ask for the accommodations they need. An example of an accommodation might be extra time to complete a work simulation exercise, among many others. If you need a reasonable accommodation because of a disability for any part of the employment process, please complete this form to let us know the nature of your request and your contact information.

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