The Molina Center is a Sustainability Education Center, Lodge and Vegan Diner on 40 acres in Western Colorado. See our website, themolinacenter.org.

We have four buildings, extensive landscaping and parking, a well, reverse osmosis water treatment, and garden/farmland with pressurized irrigation.

All this requires continual oversight and maintenance as well as housekeeping for lodging guests.

The G/M person needs to have  building and repair skills including painting, drywall, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. For grounds keeping, irrigation system knowledge (from pump to sprinkler heads) riding mower, weed eater and so on.

Tractor/backhoe experience for farming and some vehicle/equipment repair experience (something is always breaking down!) .

For housekeeping, some assistance to the maid if she get swamped.

For retreats, some help with serving meals if needed. On site housing, utilities and cell phone provided. A self-employed Handy man would be a good fit.

Also, see our ad for a Vegan cook/Event Manager… this would be a great opportunity for a couple: one as a cook, partner as maintenance.

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About The Molina Center

The Molina Center is a sustainability education and retreat center, lodge and vegan diner located on 40 acres in rural Western Colorado. As a retreat center, we offer yoga, meditation, silent and detox retreats and related events. Advocating and practicing a plant-based diet is a key tenet of our sustainability philosophy. We are the only vegan retreat venue in Western Colorado.

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