As the Piece of Heaven Vegan Project enters the exciting second phase to increase our impact , influence more people to become vegans and ultimately lead to fewer animals suffering we are seeking someone to join us on this journey . We are seeking someone with the  skills and experience to take a holistic view of our brand, help us build a community of like minded people  via social media and PR. We are seeking someone with a flexible attitude to work alongside a small group of volunteers, who is  willing to contribute  at both a strategic and operational level

This role will allow you to directly influence the success of our project

We require  someone who can offer regular weekly time commitment of 2-3 hours a week.

This role can be carried out remotely but creates an opportunity to make friends and contacts in a stunningly beautiful part of the world.

About The Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society

We registered as a non-profit society in 2018. The Piece of Heaven Vegan Project is already a safe and loving home to over 90 farm animals. Phase two of our project aims to increase our impact and ensure fewer animals suffer. The Project provides an experience that nurtures change and leads to a transformation in how we treat ourselves, other beings and the planet. To date we have directly influenced over 100 people to become vegan, but we intend to do more. By opening the sanctuary to a wider audience, as an eco-tourist destination where people can come and learn, we want the project to be a sanctuary for humans as well as animals. By experiencing the harmony of this 'piece of heaven', decompressing from the pressures of a carnist dominated world, and spending time forming bonds with animals and nature, we intend for visitors to (re)connect with a sense of vegan purpose and leave with a deep commitment to be more effective animal advocates. The project provides an experience that nurtures change. Our wish is to create a ripple effect that brings about a transformation in how we treat ourselves, other beings and this planet we call home. , leading to the recognition of veganism as a cause as significant as any race , sex or civil rights related movement in history and the only logical progression in human development, without which there is no true peace or compassion in the world

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