Are you passionate about helping animals?  Do you enjoy cruising around on social media and staying up to date with online trends? Do you love creating digital content?  If so, you might be just the type of person we’re looking for!

Piece of heaven Project is a not- for- profit  farm animal sanctuary nestled in the remote forests of British Columbia.  With over 95 acres of land and over 100  animals to look after, our aim is to promote veganism by sharing the important work that we do with the goal  to increase brand awareness and build a community of supporters.

In order to achieve this  goal, we are looking to expand our reach by bringing positive, energetic, creative individuals with a passion for vegan living into our dynamic social media team. This is a remote volunteer position that can serve as a great learning opportunity in terms of content creation, branding and digital marketing, not to mention collaboration with a team of amazing people that share your interest in animal welfare advocacy!

Does this sound like something you’re interested in?  If so, apply today!


About The Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society

Piece of Heaven Project is a Not for Profit based in a secluded spot in Burton, British Columbia . We  have ambitious plans  to offer  a  unique combination of  animal rescue, retreat and  corporate /vegan influencer education. Currently home to over 100  farm animals the sanctury is  located on 95 acres , it  is a wonderfully tranquil refuge, where the loudest non-animal sound is the rushing of the district creek, as it races towards the lake.


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