We would love your help with engaging our audiences by creating  compelling social media posts, so that we can expand our social media presence across  Instagram, TikTok  and beyond.

We are currently looking for an experienced  Social Media creator  to develop creative ideas, create graphics, edit photographs and write copy.

If you have the time commitment to create at least one post a week, we would love you to be part of our team promoting vegan living and compassion in action.

About The Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society

Piece of Heaven Project is a Not for Profit based in a secluded spot in Burton, British Columbia . We  wish  to offer  a  unique combination of animal rescue, retreat and  corporate /vegan influencer education. Home to  140  farm animals and located on 95 acres , the sanctuary is a wonderfully tranquil refuge, where the loudest non-animal sound is the rushing of the district creek, as it races towards the lake.


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