Piece of Heaven Vegan Project is an animal sanctuary providing forever homes to 140 farm animals. We intend to make POHP a sanctuary for humans as well as animals by opening as a retreat/ eco-tourist destination where individuals can come and learn, reconnect , relax and refresh. By experiencing the harmony of this ‘piece of heaven’, decompressing from the pressures of a carnist dominated world, and spending time forming bonds with animals and nature we intend for visitors to (re) connect with a sense of vegan purpose and leave with a deeper commitment to being effective animal advocates.

We intend to launch phase one of the retreat in Spring 2024. In order to ensure its success we need to firstly create and deliver a marketing, communications and PR campaign. Working closely with the founders and board the coordinator role will be pivotal  to delivering this campaign.  The job holder will require strong writing  and communications skills, creative flair , self motivation and the ability to work alone.

We will offer you the opportunity to be one of the first visitors to  the retreat, the  opportunity to make like minded friends in this beautiful part of the world and the knowledge you have made a real difference to the sustainability and impact of this 100% volunteer run Not for Profit.


About The Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society

Piece of Heaven Project intends to offer  a  unique combination of animal rescue, retreat and  corporate /vegan influencer education. Home to  140  farm animals and located on 95 acres in a secluded spot in Burton, British Columbia, the sanctuary is a wonderfully tranquil refuge, where the loudest non-animal sound is the rushing of the district creek, as it races towards the lake. We registered as a Not for Profit in 2018 to  promotes the adoption of a compassionate lifestyle and the vegan philosophy , in service of the future of the planet , and all its inhabitants.


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