In order to move our marketing campaigns into the next level of impact we are hoping to find someone with experience and  skills to edit videos and recordings and create exciting content for instagram, tiktok and podcasts.

This  volunteer role requires someone able to donate  a couple of hours each week to join our team helping to create a kinder world and promote the vegan philosophy. In return, we hope the experience will add to your resume and provide the opportunity to virtually meet like minded team members in this beautiful part of the Canada and around the world.


About The Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society

Piece of Heaven Project wishes  to offer  a  unique combination of animal rescue, retreat and  corporate /vegan influencer education. Home to  140  farm animals and located on 95 acres in a secluded spot in Burton, British Columbia, the sanctuary is a wonderfully tranquil refuge, where the loudest non-animal sound is the rushing of the district creek, as it races towards the lake. We registered as a Not for Profit in 2018 to  promotes the adoption of a compassionate lifestyle and the vegan philosophy , in service of the future of the planet , and all its inhabitants.


Know someone interested?