Piece of Heaven Vegan Project is a small family run sanctuary, providing forever homes to 140 farm animals.  Our aim is to educate and promote the adoption of a compassionate, considerate lifestyle, the vegan philosophy and its importance for the future of the planet and all its inhabitants. Sometimes the needs of the animals mean we don’t give our  website the attention it deserves. We are seeking a volunteer, ideally with experience of Wix or similar  to update and continuously improve the website to maximise its impact, increase its reach  and enable us to capture useful data. The role requires you to work independently, show initiative , be self motivated and have an hour or two a week to donate to this completely volunteer run Not for Profit . In return we offer you the chance to join our community of like minded vegans, in beautiful British Columbia.


About The Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society

Piece of Heaven Project offers a  unique combination of animal rescue, retreat and  corporate /vegan influencer education. Home to over 100 rescued farm animals and located on 95 acres in a secluded spot in Burton, British Columbia, the sanctuary is a wonderfully tranquil refuge, where the loudest non-animal sound is the rushing of the district creek, as it races towards the lake. We registered as a Not for Profit in 2018 to  promotes the adoption of a compassionate lifestyle and the vegan philosophy , in service of the future of the planet , and all its inhabitants.


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