The Vegan Dog Coach is seeking an enthusiastic and skilled Event Manager to support the growing speaking career of Claire Lucie, a certified canine nutritionist and pioneering advocate for plant-based dog nutrition. In this role, you will identify and coordinate speaking engagements at vegan festivals, organize events across Europe, and develop original educational experiences that showcase the safety and health benefits of vegan diets for dogs.


As an event manager, you will be requested to fulfil the following tasks:

  • Establish and manage partnerships with local vegan and animal welfare organizations to promote the events.
  • Negotiating fees in the speaker’s name, with the purpose of securing the best feasible circumstances for each speaking occasion.
  • Identify potential events, contact organizers, and pitch them for the opportunity to speak at their event.
  • Organize all event arrangements (audio materials, screen availability, planning management, etc.).
  • Travel to and from the event with the speaker as needed, and handle all travel logistics (hotel booking, airport transportation, flight booking, etc.).
  • Manage the speaker’s event schedule and organize events for the upcoming months.
  • Managing communication with event organizers.
  • Responsible for identifying, contacting, negotiating, and booking event venues.
  • Developing event strategy (local partnerships, promotion, media presence, etc.).


Requirement of the role;

  • Desire to make the world a better place for animals and leave a good impression.
  • Experience organizing and managing events
  • Strong sales and negotiation skills
  • Interest in animal welfare and vegan nutrition
  • Having or loving dogs is a bonus.
  • Demonstrate creativity and problem-solving abilities
  • Possess strong communication skills; be a well-spoken, empathetic and attentive listener
  • Be willing to travel internationally as needed
  • This is a remote role, but living in the UK is ideal.
  • Experienced in planning and management
  • Marketing experience or degree
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong organization skills, include time management, setting priorities, goal setting, decision-making, attention to detail, analytic reasoning, strategic planning, and active listening.


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About The Vegan Dog Coach Ltd

The Vegan Dog Coach is a firm that promotes a plant-based diet for dogs.
Claire Lucie, founder of The Vegan Dog Coach, is a certified CMA-registered canine nutritionist and a leading figure in plant-based canine nutrition for dogs. She educates dog parents in 44 countries on the safety and health benefits of a plant-based diet for dogs using the most recent scientific, peer-reviewed data and published studies, as well as giving public talks on the subject throughout Europe.

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