We are looking for a VISIONARY Director of People and Operations to help us oversee the strategic direction and management of The Vegan Gym team and our online coaching program, the Vegan Superhero Academy. If you haven’t heard of it, the Vegan Superhero Academy (VSA) is the most trusted vegan fitness coaching program in the world.


Job Description

The Director of People and Operations is a key leadership role responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and management of our team and operational processes. This role is pivotal in fostering a high-performance culture, streamlining operations, and ensuring the alignment of our people strategy with our business goals.

As our Director of People and Operations, you’ll be the beating heart of our organization, ensuring that both our team members and clients feel valued, supported, and empowered. Your mission is multi-faceted, focusing on nurturing a vibrant, high-performance culture that’s as healthy as the lifestyle we promote. As the most experienced vegan coaching team in the world, we maintain high standards in everything we do.

What you will be doing in this role MATTERS. The Vegan Superhero Academy is changing thousands of lives and making a massive impact in the world by helping to spread veganism. You can directly transform lives in this position and play a critical role in spreading the vegan message!

To learn just how much this program changes lives, you can read our TrustPilot reviews and watch this video.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build and Develop and Elite, Cohesive Team
  • Lead our Operations Team
  • Lead our Client Experience Team
  • Manage Company Retreat Planning
  • Continuous Improvement and Process Management



To qualify for this position, you MUST:

  • Be vegan
  • Be 100% aligned with our Core Values
  • Have 5+ years of director-level leadership experience, preferably in the health, wellness, or related industry.
  • Have experience in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and teams.
  • Have experience creating, improving upon, and delivering against KPIs and SOPs.
  • Have excellent problem-solving, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities.
  • Bring extensive experience in operations management, process improvement, and team development.
  • Be highly competitive and on FIRE to make a massive impact in the world!
  • Have an extremely high level of work ethic 🔥



There are many perks to this position:

  • You can work from home (or anywhere in the world) 🌎
  • As our Director of People and Operations, you’ll have a direct role in transforming thousands of lives and have the opportunity to watch their transformations from start to finish! 💪
  • The opportunity to spend all of your work time with other awesome vegans! Our entire team and all of our clients are vegan! 🌱🐮🐷🐔😊
  • You will have paid time off.
  • A dynamic, supportive, and purpose-driven work environment. ❤️
  • There is huge growth potential and endless opportunities within our fast-growing team! 🔥
  • The chance to make a significant impact in promoting health, wellness, and veganism.



A competitive salary ($80,000 to $100,000 USD) that is reflective of your experience and the role’s significant responsibilities, with annual performance bonuses.


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About The Vegan Gym

The Vegan Gym team is on a mission to help 1,000,000 vegans get into the best shape of their lives because we believe that the more healthy, fit vegans there are in the world, the faster veganism will spread.

Join our team to help a million vegans, save countless animals, and save the planet! 🌱🐮🐷🐔🌎

As an online business, all of our positions are 100% remote. Any vegan from anywhere in the world is welcome to apply!

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