We are looking for a super-talented and enthusiastic Operations Manager to play a key role in the next phase of our development. We are growing quickly and we need an experienced, passionate and multi-talented person to take primary responsibility for all restaurant operations across the business.

We’re not your average company and you will have a very varied and busy role. You will need to provide strong, considerate and focussed leadership and support to our restaurant teams, through quality training, meticulous planning and monitoring, and systematic, process-driven improvements.

We are looking for highly ambitious people who love the industry and are excited by the challenges and rewards of working for a small, fast-growing business.

The main things we’re looking for:

– Experience – you don’t need to be an industry veteran, and it might only be a few years of experience, but having relevant experience is key here. You might be an existing Junior Operations Manager, or a superstar General Manager looking to step up and show what you’ve got. We want you to bring the skills you have developed and apply them to drive improvements.

– Analytical – you need to be razor sharp with analysing the performance of the business and your teams and quickly identify ways to improve the business and our teams. You will work closely with our Assistant Managers to get the very best out of each team.

– Passion for detail – you need to be obsessed with the small details that all need to come together to create the best results. Proactively work on improvements and consistently deliver.

– Communication – you need to be an exceptional communicator – confident not arrogant, strong but considerate and an inspiring presence every day to motivate your teams.

– Financial – you need to know your way around a restaurant P&L and be able to use it to drive improvements. This also requires wider commercial acumen and a desire to always run the business in the most efficient way.

– People – you need to live and breathe your teams. Our people are the business, and you need to be someone who loves working with people to help them reach their potential.

– Results driven – you need to be comfortable with working in a results-driven environment, and be comfortable with the responsibility that the buck stops with you. We all work really hard but we’re all responsible for what we do.

– Entrepreneurial – you need to understand that although we are growing quickly, we are a small company. There’s less structure, wider responsibilities and a need to fully flexible and adaptable to whatever needs to be done each day. Working in this type of business is not for everyone, but for those who are excited by this type of environment, the future potential of the role is limitless.

This is a brand new role in the company and we are seeking the best candidates, so we are open to considering overseas applicants too for this role. We are putting the foundations and structure in place to grow this business significantly over the next few years and this role is key part of that. You will be working with teams across the whole business, including directly with the Founders, and you will be able to grow and development with the business.

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