You will be involved in several aspects of interfacing with our guests:

It’s all about people! Working as a GRI means always being attuned to both guests’and restaurant’s needs
Getting the job done – no matter the cost, is critical.
You should be a practical, creative, fast-thinker who is constantly on their feet and aware that others are counting on you!
Multi-tasking should be easy for you
Persuasive, logical and thinks out of the box!
You must be an efficient communicator

Intermediate level to advanced level of spoken Japanese Language, Fluent in written and spoken English
A minimum of 3 years experience in hospitality, F&B, any other relevant area knowledge of Wine
A natural passion for creative food and creative guest experience creation
Outgoing and naturally good at engaging with customers
Polished personal presentation and communication skills
Ability to handle pressure and fast thinking
Attention to detail and plenty of initiative

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About Tudore Tranquility

Award winning restaurant in a residential area near Yoyogi Park, offering creative plant-based cuisine in a luxurious setting. The exquisitely arranged dishes are infused with an intricate mixture of flavors, created through the use of herbs and spices which complement each other. Soft lighting, soothing music, fresh flowers and abstract art combine to create an elegant atmosphere. The 8-course dinner features palate cleansers and naturally sweetened fruit and vegetable based desserts. Wine list includes vegan wines.

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