We’re looking for a passionate person to help us connect vegan businesses with our vegan artificial intelligence marketing assistant software.

VEG3 is the world’s first AI that is trained to help vegans improve their online marketing. Our current models include blog writers, caption writers, press release generators, recipes creators and even automated responses to anti-vegan comments!

We have 4 pricing options, a free basic plan, a $39 starter plan, a $149 standard plan and a $499 premium plan.

We pay 60% commission on the first month for every customer you sign up, followed by 20% commission for the entire lifetime value of the customer. This role pays commission only.

To be successful in this role, you will require:

  • Your own computer and a reliable internet connection
  • The ability to work and motivate yourself independently
  • The confidence to approach cold leads via phone, email and/or video
  • Experience in prospecting, qualifying, leading demonstrations and closing deals
  • Willingness to learn some of the technical details about how artificial intelligence works
  • A passion for animal rights and veganism and a desire to help vegan businesses succeed
  • A friendly, compassionate and solutions-focused attitude towards sales conversations

Additional qualities that would give you a competitive advantage, but are not required, include:

  • Knowledge about artificial intelligence and/or digital marketing
  • Experience in selling SaaS in a work-from-home setting
  • Capacity to work full-time hours or close to it.

Please send through your CV and cover letter to apply for this position. In your cover letter, please include the reason why you want to work for VEG3, the number of hours per week you can commit to and confirmation that you understand this role is commission only and therefore does not include an hourly wage.

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About VEG3

VEG3 is a vegan artificial intelligence marketing assistant designed to help vegan business owners and animal rights charities write better marketing copy.

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