Looking for Animal Rights-dedicated vegans (must be based in the United States) who have any range of skills that you believe can help grow this company into a force that changes the way the vegan movement does business.

Our Animal Liberation mission is comprised of 3 key aspects:

1).  Giving 20% of profits to 4 different animal protection causes (see www.veganbrainfood.com/AnimalLiberation for details).

2).  Helping to lower the abysmal 84% failure rate among new vegans by providing some of the key aminos that can not be found in plants.  Our goal isn’t just to help people go vegan, but to stay vegan!

3).  Instigating a change within the entire vegan food industry, whereby vegan consumers should expect the companies we give our money to to also give back to the animals who inspired us to go vegan in the first place, and to the planet that allows us to exist!

Having been in business for only two years there are undoubtedly ideas and skill sets that you might have, that we didn’t even know we would need, that could help advance this mission.  And we have easy freelance work that can be done from home by anyone, even if you’re not yet a professional/master of any specific trade.  Send us a message and let’s chat!


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About Vegan Brain Food

Vegan Brain Food is an Animal Rights-dedicated company that gives 20% of profits to animal protection causes. Our first supplement, Vegan Brian & Body Boost, is an amino acid formula containing the key amino acids not found in plants (from non-animal sources), with benefits in the areas of working intelligence, memory, anti-aging, physical fitness and immune system support.


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