If you’re interested in working for the animals, from home, this position is for you!  Vegan Brain Food is an Animal Rights-dedicated company providing the key amino acids that can not be found in plants, designed to help people not just to go vegan, but to stay vegan, for life (pun intended).

We donate 20% of profits to animal rescue causes and unashamedly use our platforms to advocate for a cruelty-free lifestyle where animals are protected and respected as the people that they are.

Vegan Brain Food has benefits in the areas of working intelligence, memory, anti-aging, immune support & physical fitness and is designed both to increase the likelihood that new vegans and plant-curious people will stick with the murder-free lifestyle, and ideally to fuel Animal Rights advocates with more mental and physical energy to do their life-saving work.

As our company grows, and depending on your own abilities and ideas, this part-time/freelance position could grow with different responsibilities and daily workflow, but there is one most important need to start off with.  Essentially: reviews are the core of our business so we’re looking for someone who can be in charge of communicating with people who’ve tried Vegan Brain Food already so that we can get photos and written reviews shared from those who haven’t tried it yet.

While there’s a mountain of peer-reviewed science supporting the benefits of these aminos, at the end of the day most people care more about random anecdotal stories than they do about objectively measured laboratory results from humans.  Nevertheless, the human psyche is what it is, therefore despite that mountain of science already linked on our website it’s important to keep gathering more individual real world experiences and getting those published as well.

In addition to essentially using social media and email to interact with the “smartypants” who’ve already tried Vegan Brain Food, if you have ideas on marketing, business strategy, or any other way you can use your creativity to help this company/movement grow, I’m all ears (company Founder, Animal Rights advocate and musician Gabriel Nadler aka Gaia’s Eye here 👋).

This is a freelance job so you’d set your own hours, work on your own schedule.  You could work from anywhere, on the couch beside your fur babies etc., but applicants must be USA-based.



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About Vegan Brain Food

Vegan Brain Food is an Animal Rights-dedicated company that gives 20% of profits to animal protection causes. Our first supplement, Vegan Brian & Body Boost, is an amino acid formula containing the key amino acids not found in plants (from non-animal sources), with benefits in the areas of working intelligence, memory, anti-aging, physical fitness and immune system support.


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