We’re looking for developers to help us with our vegan projects!

We build websites that promote veganism and support activists and organizations. Examples of projects we’ve built include VeganActivism.org, VeganBootcamp.org, and 5Minutes5Vegans.org. We work with organizations like Meat The Victims, Animal Rebellion, and Animal Save Movement, having built all three of their websites. We need your help to continue building new and innovative projects for the vegan movement, along with supporting other organizations and activists that need us.

You’ll need to be familiar with or willing to learn how to use Github, Discord, Trello, and similar collaborative tools for developers. Currently we’re seeking full-stack web developers, LAMP, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Angular, etc. We often work with Laravel (a PHP framework) for the majority of our projects – if you’re comfortable with PHP, you’ll fit right in!

Working for us often gives folks the opportunity to work on the frontlines with other large vegan organizations like the ones mentioned above, along with other activists that we work with. You gain both experience and friendship as our teams work closely together, game together, and meetup together at events like Vegan Campout.

If you’re interested in joining us, please feel free to apply. You can visit our website for more information.

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About Vegan Hacktivists

We're a group of passionate Vegan Activists that volunteer our time and skills towards vegan projects worth supporting. Every project we build or volunteer for aims to help spread compassion through Veganism by supporting both vegans, non-vegans and activists in some shape way or form.

We work with vegan organizations and activists to support them where needed, in addition to building our own projects. Every project we release is 100% free to use for everyone, we don't do premium versions, micro-transactions, sell user data, or do advertisements what-so-ever.

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