Pigs Peace Sanctuary’s vegan grocery store, Vegan Haven, has an opening for Grocery Manager. Do you have a passion for animals and the vegan lifestyle? Do you have experience managing a grocery store? We’re reaching out to you, so apply today!

About the position
We are looking for a passionate self-starter, who has the experience, organization, and strong leadership capabilities to manage this community establishment.

Required qualifications:

·         Minimum 2 years’ experience in grocery store management

·         Knowledge of vegan products

·         Vegan lifestyle

·         Ability to work independently

·         Exemplary Customer Service experience

·         Knowledge of all positions with the store

·         Prior experience as a clerk or person-in-charge

·         Proficient with POS

·         Proficient with QuickBooks

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·         Planning and preparing work schedules and assigning volunteers to specific duties

·         Coordinating sales promotion activities and preparations, or directs workers preparing merchandise displays

·         Supervising volunteers engaged in sales work, taking of inventories, reconciling cash with sales receipts, keeping operating records, and preparing daily record of transactions.

·         Ensuring compliance of volunteers with established retail policies and procedures, security, sales, and record keeping procedures and practices

·         Managing safety plans and merchandising plans

·         Answering customer’s complaints or inquiries

·         Performing various office and accounting functions

·         Responsible for appropriately handling emergencies, customer complaints, volunteer or customer accidents and supervising all store personnel in absence of Store Director and 1st Assistant Director

·         Handling volunteer dissatisfactions and grievances

·         Adhering to federal and local laws, and to all organization policies and procedures

·         Assisting in maintain clean and safe work environment

·         Replacing stock in display areas as needed. Responsible for counting out-of-stock product

·         Performing various paperwork, including scheduling writing, volunteer evaluation, corrective action plans, and product recalls

Starting Annual Salary:  $40,000

How to Apply
Send a resume and cover letter to Judy Woods, at pigspeace@gmail.com

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About Vegan Haven Grocery

Seattle’s only all vegan store, this non-profit, volunteer-powered grocery store has been a fixture in the Seattle vegan community for fifteen years! All proceeds from sales go directly to benefitting Pigs Peace Sanctuary, a non-profit dedicated to providing a safe place for pigs large and small to live out their lives in peace.

For more information about Vegan Haven: http://www.veganhaven.org

For more information about Pigs Peace Sanctuary: http://www.pigspeace.org


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