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We’re on the lookout for content creators and writers.

Ideally, we would like contributors hoping to forge a career as a vegan writer, especially those who are passionate about veganism, sustainability, empowerment, diversity, and positive change through the power of the written word!

Whilst we have a particular interest in veganism, sustainability, and female empowerment, we aim to promote diversity. Therefore, we welcome writers who represent a variety of perspectives, ethnicities, ages, genders, and sexual orientations.

Nevertheless, the ability to write in fluent English is a bonus and a willingness to learn and improve your content in response to feedback is essential.

Why write for Vegan Sisters?

  • Build your online portfolio, improving your chances of finding paid work.
  • Receive feedback and suggestions from experienced content writers and digital marketing experts.
  • Have your work published on a professional vegan editorial.
  • Get your own author’s profile with links to your personal website/blog/social media accounts.
  • Contribute your voice towards a community of positive changemakers, adding your unique perspective to the conversation and providing others with valuable information to help them on their own journeys.
  • Join a community of supportive vegans: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ethicalwriters


Although we currently don’t have the funds to pay our writers, as a content creator interested in positive change, we are eager to support your development. Therefore, we would like to offer an incentive to our contributors:

If we publish your article(s)*, we will give you a 20% discount to our High-Earning Content Writing course, which teaches you essential skills and provides 1-to-1 coaching to kickstart your career as a content writer, on our v-learning platform.

*We reserve the right to assess whether or not your articles are suitable for publication on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Love and fluff,

Alice and Lucy (Vegan Sisters) x

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About Vegan Sisters

Hello and welcome to our online vegan community!

Since going plant-based in 2015, we’ve made it our mission to discover the best food, travel destinations, sustainable fashion, and experiences available for vegans.

Our Vision:

"Creating a plant-based world with empowered plant-friendly people."
To empower the world’s biggest community of plant-based explorers and provide them with a platform where they can share their own stories.

We hope our journeys motivate and inspire you to embark on your own adventures! Happy wandering ?

Alice and Lucy x

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