As we step into 2018 we are looking for creative & quality content writers for our vegan website: https://veganuniversal.com


  • You should be an experienced vegan
  • You need to have a Paypal account where you can receive payments (Paypal in some countries cannot receive payments, so make sure you check that)
  • You need to write an article on “animal rights & going vegan” with 1000 words for us to check your research & writing quality (you’re free to exceed 1000 words and more profound & emotional the better)
  • You’re free to research online, but final article should be unique in your own words. Articles will be checked for plagiarism
  • All facts should be cited with credible sources giving a list of references (with links, where applicable)
  • Should you have any questions please reach us at admin@veganuniversal.com

Once you’re chosen you can expect:

  • Your author name with author bio will be added to every post you complete enhancing your authorship as a writer (your finished post links will be given)
  • We will be giving the titles for the articles
  • Pay: $5 for 500 words (since the site is still at its infancy, you as a vegan can expect to reap more benefits as the site grows in stature with time)
  • Pay will be done based on the number of words of the final article, once we check for article quality and finish editing (if any)

Looking forward to your contribution for a blooming vegan site!

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