Help us expand Vegannection and get passive income.

Become Vegannection partner without investing money.

Vegannection opened its doors to every skilled vegan.

Requirements: Being vegan and want to create vegan world.


About Vegannection Ltd

We at Vegannection believe in a future where no soul, human or animal, needs to suffer. We believe in a future where our own existence is not jeopardized by the reckless behaviour towards our precious planet. We believe this future is possible and Vegannection is our small contribution towards a better, healthier and happier world.

Vegannection, as the world's first 100% vegan payment method, and, moreover, a payment method that has its own loyalty, friendship and charity program, aims to support and cultivate 100% vegan economy thus strengthening the vegan movement worldwide.
Vegannection is the first loyalty cashback card to be used exclusively in 100% vegan establishments. No need for a wallet or cash any more. Vegannection card is on your Smartphone so you always have it with you. From your User area, you can send credits to any other Vegannection member.
Every time you make a payment using Vegannection card, you get 2% back. Vegannect with your friends to get even more benefits. Every time your friends use their Vegannection cards, you get 0,5% of their purchases. All of the above comes at no cost, because Vegannection card is not just 100% vegan, it’s also 100% free.

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