Veggie Guide is looking for a volunteer Junior Editor.
this role is a volunteer, flexible, part-time role.

We are looking for a Junior Editor to support Veggie Guide in preparing posts for the web, guiding our writers and recruit new team-members.


  • Technical writing skills
  • Experience in writing for other publications
  • A passion for supporting others
  • A desire to promote veganism
  • A calming and understanding attitude


  • Experience in graphic design (for image editing)
  • Experience working with HTML and CSS (for styling posts)
  • A high-level qualification in English (not a deciding factor)

If you feel that the above describes you and you would like to join our team, please get in touch today.

Why work with Veggie Guide?

  • Make a difference (this is what we care about most)
  • Be part of a great team!
  • Gain further experience and enhance/diversify your skills
  • Build a portfolio to support your future career goals
  • Receive guidance and professional support/feedback from an experienced editor/content marketer

Contact us through Vegan Jobs or through the website (via the write for us link at the top of the page).



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About Veggie Guide

The Veggie Guide is a volunteer-run online vegan magazine and restaurant/business directory. The Veggie Guide first began as a printed magazine and collaboration with the Leicester Vegan and Vegetarian Group. This quickly escalated and, to meet the demand, we decided to place the guide online for everyone to access.

The Veggie Guide is not monetised in any way and there are no plans to do so. It has, over the years, benefited from the support of writers from the vegan community, passionate to work together for a common goal.

Articles have been carefully edited and, while providing detailed advice and resources to vegans and the vegan curious, it has also provided a professional platform for writers seeking to promote their skills, while supporting the vegan community.

Several of our writers have told us that they have benefited from paid opportunities as a direct result of working with the Veggie Guide.

Articles on the Veggie Guide gain traction quickly on social media and have been known to generate up to 350 shares and up to 20,000 visits in the first few days of sharing.

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