Candidate will work directly with the CEO to achieve marketing goals mainly acquiring new members on the company websites and converting them during our next capital raise. This includes performing some marketing tasks in-house, and managing outside vendors for specialized tasks. Help create on-point messages for campaigns across paid & non-paid communication channels to acquire new members. Assure consistent message and user experience in all company communications. Guide internal and external teams creating social messages in support of new member acquisition. Perform limited updates to the websites and help the CEO mange outside specialists for major website changes. Bring big picture understanding with effective daily task accomplishment and become a key member of our small team achieving big sales goals.

Note to Applicants:

Today most of our cash goes towards member acquisition, so at this moment we offer low salary with equity. Once we raise capital next spring we will pay market rates, and the equity for this candidate can make them wealthy. The risk in joining us at this early stage is substantial, but the reward if we succeed is the satisfaction that we became wealthy using the system to reduce animal suffering and climate change.

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About VegReady

We sell breakthrough non-perishable Vegan meals that don’t need refrigeration or chemicals. They are so delicious that millions of non-vegans wishing to begin eating more plant meals now have a quick convenient solution. Repeat customers can also order supplements and other products for their new Vegan-friendly lifestyle.

Our medical experts are designing the first proprietary interface for doctors to instantly generate & order delivery of personalized meal plans while sitting in front of their patient. Based on the patient's lab reports our Algorithm reaches into a global database of research on food, microbiome and gene expression to generate the patient's personalized meal plan.

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