Vegvisits, the ‘Airbnb’ for vegans and vegetarians (www.vegvisits.com), is building a team of ‘local champions’ to help us spread the word about the new site and communicate with hosts in their designated regions.

A few tasks this could include (depending on your interests):

  • Recruiting hosts on social media and other platforms
  • Marketing listings on social media and other platforms
  • Spreading awareness of site through social media
  • Interview hosts in your designated area for blog post or video
  • Plan and run Vegvisits community potlucks
  • Attend and represent Vegvisits at local vegan/vegetarian events
  • Create inspiring videos for VV’s global marketing campaign
  • Any other suggestions you have for connecting with vegans/vegetarians!

This would be an unpaid position for anyone wanting to gain experience working at a vegan startup, and could lead to a full time position down the road.

Let us know why you think you’d be a good fit!

About Vegvisits

Vegvisits is the ‘Airbnb’ for vegans and vegetarians. It is an online home-sharing platform that connects travelers to vegan and vegetarian locals with accommodations located worldwide.

The Vegvisits platform accommodates all types of listings – from retreats, hotels, B&B’s and entire vacation homes to private and shared rooms in host’s primary residences. Renting an accommodation with a Vegvisits hosts eliminates many of the eating problems vegans and vegetarians face while traveling. Guests are provided with useful inside knowledge on the best food in the area, have access to a meat-free kitchen to make their own meals, and can search for accommodations based on their favorite appliances.

As hosts, in addition to meeting a diverse set of people from around the world and earning extra income, the platform sets their mind at ease - they list their space as either vegan or vegetarian, and are assured that their kitchen and home remains just as they like it.

Although hosts must be either vegan or vegetarian to list their accommodation, guests do not have to be as long as they respect the rules and ethos of the community as they travel.  The founders created the platform with the goal in mind to be an invaluable resource for flexitarians and the veg-curious to learn more about the vegan lifestyle while staying with locals.

Home-sharing is a beautiful concept that empowers people around the globe, and makes traveling an enjoyable, exciting and affordable way to see the world, brimming with the life that both guests and hosts bring to the experience. But as Airbnb has grown, it’s lost its touch, and often the risks outweigh the potential for an amazing stay.

We’ve taken everything we love about Airbnb and made it our own – a site specifically designed for the niche community of vegans and vegetarians, where members are able to benefit from the increased trust and reliability that comes from having shared lifestyles and values. With Vegvisits, it’s less like you are staying with a stranger and more like a good friend that you have just met.

As one traveler describes her experience, “It was as if we met a friend whom we didn’t see for years, despite having never met each other at all, and whom we’d love to stay in touch with – from now on and forever.”

Know someone interested?