A three-month volunteer contribution would typically cost in the region of £2500, We will waive the contribution if you are willing to prepare wholesome vegan meals twice a day for a five-day week, to the team of volunteers looking after injured and orphaned primates if you would like to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity click the apply button.

This is a very special time of the year when the rescue begins of injured and orphaned baby primates,  you will get the opportunity to work closely with them and the rest of the team ensuring they get the best care and chance to live as monkeys again.

3 months would be the minimum stay, longer terms would be ideal, if you have ever wanted to work closely with primates this is a great time to take advantage of the life-changing opportunity.

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About Vervet Monkey Foundation

We rehabilitate and provide sanctuary to over 500 primates, orphaned, injured, abused, ex-laboratory or unwanted pets.

A project for volunteers to become involved in the conservation and rehabilitation of this unique indigenous primate. Opportunities for volunteers, vet nurses, gap year students and those involved and interested in primate conservation. The promotion of a vegan lifestyle to help sustain the environment, prevent habitat loss, animal suffering and to make a contribution towards helping many of the world’s issues.

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