VAAR is seeking a hardworking, self-motivated Sanctuary Director and Shelter Manager who has multiple years of experience working with rescues, shelters, or sanctuaries to oversee the higher-level management of our sanctuary in Hoi An, and help the organization expand into projects that will prevent animal suffering on a mass scale in central Vietnam.

The Director will be working alongside the sanctuary’s original Founder to understand the intricate challenges and systemic solutions to prevent animal suffering so that the Founder can eventually step back and let the Director take charge. We’re looking for a get-shit-done kind of person.

The right candidate will be a diehard vegan and anti-speciesist warrior with years of experience caring for many different species. You must be able/willing to drive a motorbike, have lived and worked abroad, and have excellent people management skills.

An experienced international vet nurse burned out on clinical work is ideal for this position. They’ve always made our best staff!

Facility management isn’t unskilled labor and we really need people who can jump in and take over with high standards of care particularly for our farmed animals and seniors. We need someone who can get our mobile vet clinic up and running within the year as well, so experience in this field is vital. As the Founder ran their own nonprofit veterinary clinic for several years, they will train you on how to maintain clinic standards and you’ll be by our side as we develop our mobile sterilization/vaccination clinic projects.

Fundraising and media/communications experience is vital. What we need is someone who wants to really take what we’ve built over the last 10 years and take our team towards a future of high impact, long term veterinary capacity building and vegan education.

Vietnam’s borders are now open and there are currently no COVID restrictions. We support our team with their monthly visa runs!


Job Description:

  • Shelter animal management
    • Meeting daily medical needs, enrichment, nutrition, and exercise
  • Shelter facility management
    • Daily cleaning, maintenance, shopping, and DIY/gardening
    • Oversee the rest of the shelter staff
  • Daily administration
    • Precise record-keeping, daily financials, and HR management
    • Maintaining records for medications, injuries, illnesses, and veterinary trips
  • Team management
    • Recruitment for staff and volunteers as required
    • Management of shelter caretakers
  • Use of skills
    • Using your skills outside of shelter management (like photography,  copywriting, media, DIY, or graphic design) to help develop the organization.
  • Veterinary visits to international clinic in Danang as needed


Additional Responsibilities:

  • Organisation Development
    • Supporting the directors in the development of the organization to include running outreach programs, assisting with mass sterilization projects, and promoting of animal rights
  • Social media, marketing, and fundraising
    • To assist the DOO in gaining relevant content for our online channels, posting on social media platforms, and generating funds.

Job Requirements and Benefits:

  • 5 working days per week / 2 days off
  • 6 to 8 working hours per day
  • Offsite accommodation stipend up to 3 million VND
  • 21 days annual paid holiday
  • $600 USD per month (14 million VND) with salary increase as funding increases


  • Experience with farmed or companion animals, in a professional setting – sanctuary, shelter, or clinic
  • Self-motivated and able to motivate a team, having an excellent work ethic, commitment, ability to proble solve, and take initiative and responsibility
  • MUST commit to 3 to 6 months minimum
  • MUST be able to ride a scooter/motorcycle, bicycle is an option
  • MUST be able to use a computer: Google Drive, Docs, Sheets
  • MUST be interested in working with all animal species, as we have 5 different animal species at our sanctuary: dogs, cats, hedghogs, pigs, chickens
  • MUST NOT be looking to rescue animals at the moment
  • Work references


  • 2 or 4-year degree in an animal-based qualification, veterinary nursing qualification ideal
  • Experience living and working in a low resource developing country, with strength in creatively solving problems in a place lacking the rule of law, without international veterinarians, and without many materials and financial needs
  • Experience working within the charity sector and/or experience in fundraising
  • Experience using charitable social media channels or has marked achievements in their own personal channels/blogs
  • Vegan, an understanding of animal rights principles including the abolitionist approach

To apply, please email info@vnanimalaid.org.

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About Vietnam Animal Aid

Vietnam Animal Aid is an animal rights organization that has a rescue shelter and vegan farm animal sanctuary in Hoi An, Vietnam. Our mission is to end the suffering of all species through mass sterilization/vaccination, education, and improving veterinary care across Vietnam. We advocate for a fully vegan lifestyle and for the abolition of all animal use and exploitation.

We had our own international nonprofit veterinary clinic for 3 years before it had to close due to lack of funding. We are looking for professionals who are interested in managing the daily operations and veterinary care of our animal sanctuary while helping to expand into projects such as a mobile veterinary clinic which will help to prevent suffering and the need for rescue before it's created.

For more information, please visit our website: https://www.vnanimalaid.org/ and follow us on our social media channels.

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