Here you can join as a Vegan Job-Seeker!

PLEASE NOTE: We’re a niche job site that works to support vegans. We help match individuals with like-minded companies and organization that identify with and share enthusiasm for the vegan lifestyle.

What does vegan mean? Vegan means not consuming or manufacturing something with animal meat (flesh, organs) or animal secretions (milk/lactations, eggs, other bodily fluids such as a bear’s bile), wearing an animal’s skin or fur, or exploiting animals for entertainment. Animals include aquatic species (seafood) such as a fish and shell fish, as well as insects such as bees (honey). Why be vegan? Click Here.

What if I am not vegan? Please use one of the thousands of other job sites on the Internet. If you came here interested in a specific job you could of course reach out to the employer by way of their website, etc and be honest with them that you are not vegan but came across the job on the Google’s job search etc, via our website.