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Please note: Our site is for Vegan oriented Companies / Organizations and Vegan Job Seekers sets itself apart from all the other jobs sites by being a purveyor of only vegan employment opportunities and candidates. This means your products should be all vegan and your company should be related to veganism. Specifics, along with some other restrictions, include:

1) We accept companies that only offer vegan products (no animal derived ingredients or animal testing). Vegetarian restaurants for example that serve eggs or dairy are not posted.  If however you’re shifting your menu vegan and need a vegan consultant for example, or otherwise have a unique situation please send us an email2) Job postings involving muti-level marketing, referral/affiliate marketing are not allowed. This includes Arbonne, Tropic, Ringana, JuicePlus, Zikja, among others. 3) Not all jobs are posted, examples that may not be accepted include certain supplements that make unproven medical claims, spiritual-metaphysical claims (animal psychic services, remote healing etc).

If you are unsure or have a unique situation please contact our friendly team!